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  Karina Castillo




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Wanda Pulido





 Scarlet Lainez


Administrative Assistant


Bethany Anderson

I am a wife, working mom and volunteer. I have a three year old little boy and one year old little girl here with me and a baby in heaven. I am sister to Ruth Ann which is how I found out about Presencia. I've had the pleasure of volunteering in the after school program, taking trips with the young leaders, and seeing  all the love shared between the kids in this neighborhood and my wonderful sister and her family. I know without a doubt that the work Presencia is doing in their neighborhood is changing little lives as well as transforming generations and most importantly showing God's amazing love. Seeing the impact Presecia has and can have on these amazing kids is incredibly inspiring and uplifting. I love to help in any way I can in hopes that I learn from the sweet and innocent hearts of these kids and have an opportunity to share God's love and remind them that they are important in the kingdom of God.


Director of Communications and Co-Founder


Ian North 

After growing up in the Philippines, I moved to Chicago, where I studied communications and began working as a public relations specialist for authors and businesses. In 2008, Ruth Ann and I felt called to leave our home and our careers and move into community with immigrants and refugees.
We have been living in Atlanta since January of 2009. In addition to my work with Presencia, I serve as Director of Student Ministries of Open Table Community Church, co-host the book podcast What are you Reading? and run long distances on trails.

Executive Director and Co-Founder


Ruth Ann North 



I am a child of the south, born and raised. I was born in the mountains of Virginia, and grew up mostly in Lawrenceville,Georgia.

As a sophomore in high school I had the opportunity to travel to Mala, Peru. We were working with the poorest of the poor there.

The kids of Mala taught me something I will never forgot: Joy comes from the heart and satisfaction comes from giving our life away to others.

I also discovered that I love knowing and learning from people who are different then me!

I returned back to my life in a comfortable, suburban neighborhood and knew there had to be a way I could experience these things at home! I wanted to shift my life and my goals to find that joy and satisfaction I knew was possible.

I started volunteering in an undeserved community I never new existed before. It was tucked away on a street I never had to drive through. The more I began to seek out ways I could share what I had with those in need, the more God opened up doors for me. 

It was through volunteering at an after school program in an immigrant community at age 16 that I meet Ian, who is now my husband and father to my two beautiful boys. 

In 2009 God lead us back to the community in which our love was born. 

Our desire was to meet with Jesus and to know him through our neighbors (Matthew 25:32-41).

So we open our home, and work to know our neighbors.  We share what we have, and we learn. 

The kids we work with make my life rich. They bring me joy.

To know and love them is the most satisfying type of work I can imagine.