Our Team

Ruth Ann North,

Executive Director


Ian North,

Director of Communication


Gerardo Gomez,

Lead Tutoring Director


Karina Castillo,

Tutoring Director


Kate Ward,

Sales Director



I am a wife, working mom and volunteer. I have a three year old little boy and one year old little girl here with me and a baby in heaven. I am sister to Ruth Ann which is how I found out about Presencia. I've had the pleasure of volunteering in the after school program, taking trips with the young leaders, and seeing  all the love shared between the kids in this neighborhood and my wonderful sister and her family. I know without a doubt that the work Presencia is doing in their neighborhood is changing little lives as well as transforming generations and most importantly showing God's amazing love. Seeing the impact Presecia has and can have on these amazing kids is incredibly inspiring and uplifting. I love to help in any way I can in hopes that I learn from the sweet and innocent hearts of these kids and have an opportunity to share God's love and remind them that they are important in the kingdom of God.

Bethany Anderson,

Administrative Assistant



I am a Georgia native with deep ties to metro Atlanta.  I earned a B.A. in History from The University of Georgia and a J.D. from Notre Dame Law School.  In my professional life, I focus on solving water, energy and other environmental issues through innovative infrastructure projects and policy development. 

I moved with my wife from Midtown to Doraville in 2014 because we felt called to partner with and serve the diverse community along Buford Highway.  Within months we met Ruth Ann and Ian North at Open Table Community Church, and we were drawn the to the depth of the North's commitment to the youth in the neighborhood.  We were equally inspired in turn by the response and leadership of the youth who have been mentored by the North's over the years.  I first got involved by mentoring some of the teenage men with Ian, and as I have gotten more involved, I have applied my legal training to the administrative tasks required to form and operate the North's new nonprofit, Presencia Inc.  As a volunteer I feel blessed to be a part of Presencia, and I look forward to the bright future of this nonprofit and the youth along Buford Highway.    

Andrew Morris,




After Ruthie and Ian spoke about their ministry and passion at my church about 7 or 8 years ago, I immediately felt that I needed to be a part of what God was doing.  I am a Weekday Preschool teacher with a love for children and a passion for sharing God’s truth.  I have been privileged to see dozens of children at Presencia grow in respect to academics, confidence, social skills, manners but more importantly spiritual matters.  Yes, they are hungry for help with homework but they also receive love, encouragement and spiritual truth.  Presencia has been a tool to connect the “church” to the community and invest in the lives of the next generation.

Pam Mize,

Volunteer at Presencia 


I moved to Atlanta in 2012, and started working with Presencia in the neighborhood almost immediately. Because of a close friendship with Ian and Ruthie, I knew about the work they were doing and coordinated my move so I could quickly be immersed in the community.

In my professional life, I work as an engineer and software developer. One of the first roles I took on was to help manage the website and keep things running smoothly. Over the years, my role has grown as I've become more and more involved in the lives of the youth and young adults. In the few years that I've worked with Presencia, I've seen the value of consistent mentorship play itself out as I work alongside the young adult volunteers at the after school program. This has led to many invaluable friendships and experiences as together we've mentored the children in the program and watched them grow into the next generation of leaders. Seeing the life and energy in these kids gives me a lot of hope for our neighborhood along Buford Highway, and I'm excited to see Presencia continue the great work they're doing.

Ryan Metzler,
Technical Advisor


Beth Rhodes,

Board Chair

Rebekah Morris.

 Board Member

Elizabeth Head,

  Board Member

Barb Halaburt,

  Board Member

Susana Rubio,

  Board Member


I am a Mexican immigrant who was brought to the U.S.A at the age of three. I am the oldest of five children. My siblings grew up in the Buford Hwy area, where I have seen the many changes the neighborhood has gone through. My family has known the North's from the beginning thru one of the ministries they started in the neighborhood. I'm glad to say that they have become great family friends we cherish a lot.
I found out about Presencia thru Ruthy and Ian. My family was one of the first families they started working with when they moved to the Buford Hwy area. I grew up attending their ministry and eventually after graduating I had the privilege of working alongside them for a couple of years. Their kindness, dedication and hard work they have put into the neighborhood was one of main contributions to the person I am, they helped me find a meaning to my life and see the passion i have always had with working with children and helping them see the potential they have. These children grow up in rough areas with many problems at home. The North's are there to show their love and the Love God has for them. They are their to build a community and let them know they are not alone and have people rooting for them that authentically care.
I want to help be a change in these kids life just like the North's were for me. I wouldn't be where I am without the help, love, care and friendship they gave to me unconditionally. They have helped me and other in the area and there are many more kids i know whose heart they will touch with Gods help.


Miguel Martinez,

 Board Member


 Pam Pitt,

 Board Member



 I grew up in the Midwest but have called Atlanta home for almost 20 year.  My husband and I, along with our two sons, moved into the immigrant community along Buford Highway in 2008.  We felt called to invest our lives and share the hope of Christ with those who are often marginalized. We met the Norths at Open Table Community and immediately felt a connection, a common purpose in life.   My husband is the Executive Director for Immigrant Hope Atlanta, which shares space and often ministers to families with Presencia.    We believe strongly in the idea of living in a community, seeing it’s needs, helping to meet those needs with the resources of the community and ultimately sharing the hope of the gospel in those everyday interactions.  Presencia embodies this vision.  I have felt called to use my own education and work experience to support ministries.  Those experiences have been focused in the areas of auditing, finance and currently business analytics.  I have worked for companies that have poured significant resources into me, such as Ernst & Young, General Mills and currently Chick-fil-A, Inc.  It’s my privilege to share those with my community when I can.  I am also currently on the board of Open Table Community Church, which provides offices and a church home for kids who are mentored at Presencia.   I find great joy in gardening and forming a community garden in our neighborhood has allowed me to connect with my neighbors in meaningful ways. 

Heather Isaacson,

 Board Member


Christi Dillon,

 Board Member