What We Do

At Presencia we start with kids at a young age, teaching them how to lead with love by being a present example.

We have four main values we aim to grow in our children, youth and leaders at Presencia: kindness, generosity, respect and responsibility. Our leaders teach these values  through:


  • Neighborhood Tutoring - homework help, reading practice, healthy meals, and field trips for about 50 kids in our neighborhood

  •  Youth Mentoring- college prep, career development, service opportunities, monthly neighborhood clean-ups, and CREATE Presencia Studio days

  • Job Opportunities- sales and retail experience through our Presencia products, and childhood development and education experience through our tutoring director positions


About our shop:

Many of our items are made in house at our CREATE Presencia studio days. The marketing and selling of these items provide paid work for our neighborhood youth, job training skills, and an opportunity for us to be a reference for them when they move on to bigger and better things!