Your Health Matters to Our Work!

Your Health Matters to Our Work!

Ruthie and I used to push through cycles of despair, exhaustion, cynicism, and contempt to try to meet needs in our community. When we began training and hiring our young neighbors to help us, they took up this heavy weight with us. 

Last year, we made a definitive change in how we think about our work that has freed all of us to enjoy our work, love each other well, and get healthy. We turned our focus from meeting needs to building healthy relationships.

We dedicated time to emotional and spiritual well-being. We trained our staff on interpersonal communication. Our Presencia life coach Kasia Keenan began training us to process our thoughts, feelings, and actions. Our executive team began spending time in prayer and conversation at Mercy Community Church one morning a week. 

And instead of amplifying urgent needs in our communications, we share hope, belonging, and positive vision.

We still confront racism, poverty, abuse, hunger, and neglect each day. But now we work with our focus on growing loving, healthy relationships.

On any program day, you can walk into Presencia and see healthy, sincere love at work. Our team communicates well and enjoys working together. Our mentors sincerely care for our students and connect with them to solve behavior issues. And we feel a deep-seated love and respect for our neighbors as we build community together with them.

I hope that, as part of the Presencia family, you know that your emotional and relational health matters more to us than your productivity or efficiency. We all care for and love one another better when we have something good to share. 

Have a hopeful Friday,

Ian North

Director of Communications

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