What Dreams Can We Realize Together?

What Dreams Can We Realize Together?

What dream can you realize with the Presencia Family?

Twelve years ago, I had a dream that in our new life in Atlanta, I could be part of uniting “Christians, artists, and immigrants to do good work in the Buford Highway neighborhood.”

While that was a great vision, I had no idea how to make it a reality. I held it in my heart and got to work supporting our family and building relationships with our neighbors.

I worked at a series of other jobs, building skills and relationships while Ruthie took lead on forming what would become Presencia. I painted houses, drove an armored truck, directed communications for a global nonprofit, and pastored students at our local church.

While I was doing each of these jobs, I longed to see my young neighbors empowered to tell their stories, and I longed to connect with artists who would help shape those stories.

Last month, I joined our Presencia students and staff in the gym of Brookhaven Presbyterian Church for a performing arts class led by our friends at Atlanta Workshop Players. Volunteers from the church and artists from the theater worked with our students as they learned courage, creativity, and collaboration. 

This dream didn’t become a reality in the way I planned. I didn’t dive in and make it happen myself. Ruthie formed most of the relationships, and our theater and church partners enthusiastically worked to make it happen. But I did my modest part, and the dream came true!

Being part of the Presencia family means that we each get to do our small part, and together we see big dreams come true in this neighborhood!

As Director of Communications, my job is to create and care for channels of communication between different parts of the Presencia family so we can each do our part to see big dreams come true.

Do your dreams align with Presencia’s mission and vision? If so, how? And what part can you play in bringing those dreams to life? 

I’ve designed a super-short, three-question survey to kick off our conversation. Would you take a minute (actually, probably less than a minute) to fill it out? Just click here to get started.

Have a hopeful Friday,

Ian North

Director of Communications

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