We Come Alive in the Presencia Family

We Come Alive in the Presencia Family

People come alive in the Presencia Family. This is obviously true for our students and staff, but over the past few months, we’ve seen how this work brings life to the bigger community who gives, volunteers, and cares for this work.

There’s a joy in working with our students that always changes my perspective. Whether we’re making faces during a meal, resolving a fight, or talking about big issues, they teach me to watch closely, to listen well, and to love patiently.

In time, these relationships bloom into friendships as they grow up and take up the work together with us. Gradually, these delicate children grow into powerful people who lead with love as staff.

And around our staff and students is a rich, diverse community that gets to connect with this work. From volunteers who serve our students directly to donors who see their money turned into transformative expressions of love, we experience life more fully as part of the Presencia Family.

During each week of November, we'll share one story of a member of the Presencia family, what gifts they bring to our community, and how they benefit from being part of this good work.

This week, I want you to meet our board chair, Dee Rice!

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