Adding Untold Value (Gifted Giver, Part 1)

Ruth Ann North

I recently went to a fundraising training to learn how to become a better Executive Director for Presencia with an organization called Mission Increase. I left feeling inspired and motivated. But most of all, I left feeling challenge to be a "gifted giver" myself, in my own life.

"There is a 'gifted giver' who in addition to money, ideas, technical assistance, advice and counsel, brings a certain attitude, a way of doing business, that adds untold value and meaning to the transaction. The 'gifted giver' has the instinct that transcends the substance of the gift and in so doing becomes a catalyst for transformation.


The 'gifted giver' understands that philanthropy is a little bit like exercise. If it isn't uncomfortable, it isn't doing the job.


One of the biggest forms of respect is listening and the 'gifted giver' is first and foremost a listener.


A gift in the spirit of love is the most powerful way of saying, 'I believe in you!' Love from a 'gifted giver' is not soft - it is hard like a diamond.


The ‘gifted giver’ provides the challenge and the resources to encourage and nurture high expectations.


A 'gifted giver' stands with those who stand up for what they believe is right, those with their backs against the wall, those who refuse to give in to fear.”


I think ultimately a gifted giver is confident, at peace, and full of the knowledge of the abundance of gifts they have already received, and are recieving in each present moment. 


In this together,



(Definitions for gifted giver taken from







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