The Ball of Thankfulness

Ruth Ann North

A Friday Message from Our Executive Director

To look forward with hope, we need to look around with gratitude.

The pressures of life in this neighborhood, caring for families in crisis, navigating a new education system, and getting through a pandemic often add up and wear us out. In my family, we practice gratitude daily, and it restores our sense of connection, joy, and hope.

Each night before the boys go to bed, we sit in a circle on the rug in their room. We pick a ball, designate it "The Ball of Thankfulness," and pass it around in a circle three or four times, naming things for which we are grateful each time it comes to us.

Every time we meet, our staff takes time to give thanks, and recognizing the beautiful things in our own lives and in our shared work gives us vision for what is possible.

Hope is seeing good possibilities in the future. We experience it when we recognize and give thanks for the good around us now.

Have a hopeful weekend!

Ruthie North
Executive Director

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