Meet Yoselin and Joselyn!

Meet Yoselin and Joselyn!

We never know what good things will emerge when a student joins our staff.

Joselyn and Yoselin have both been with the Presencia family for over a decade, but this week, they both began working with our staff as tutoring directors.

Yoselin, who is typically lighthearted and gregarious, showed us a new depth of character as she planned lessons, rallied her students, and worked with them on grammar and math. 

Joselyn is a very private, soft-spoken person, but we saw her engage and open up with students in her new role. Her older sister, Wanda, told me, “I’ve never seen her like that. It’s amazing.”

Each of these new hires is beginning to open up, grow, and lead as part of Presencia’s tutoring and mentoring team. I asked each of them to introduce themselves so that you could meet them and see who delivers the love of our big Presencia family to our students.

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