Love that is Circular (Gifted Giver Part 3)

Love that is Circular (Gifted Giver Part 3)

Each morning I read a meditation by Richard Rohr. He shared this quote this morning and it connected with what I'm learning about generosity.

"In the freedom with which you freely choose to give yourself in love to the love that gives itself to you, in that reciprocity of love, your destiny is fulfilled, and God's will for you is consummated." - James Finely

In her book "Bread for the Resistance" Donna Barber says, "If we get distracted by what [Jesus] is asking us for, we can miss the wealth of what he came to give us."

It's when I get distracted in my work of giving and forget what I have been given and who I am in Christ that I become a bitter, joyless and tired giver. 

In my work in this neighborhood, in my role as a mother and a wife, in our economic situation, I pray that I am becoming a gifted giver.

There is so much joy to be had in the giving and sharing, a wholeness in knowing you are loved, and loving.

As I learn and grow, I am being transformed into a gifted giver and see others transformed along the way. I pray this for you too.

In this together,

❤️ Ruthie

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