Humility is Where Hope Grows!

Ian North

Humility is seeing ourselves as part of a bigger story. It’s the place where hope takes root and thrives.

Our neighbors face immigration issues, incarceration, food insecurity, homelessness, and education inequality. Pride looks at the problems and thinks, “It’s up to me to fix this.” I have fallen for this lie before. Trying to solve all these problems looks good at first, but it leads to exhaustion, loneliness, and disappointment.

The other side of pride is despair. Despair looks at these big problems and thinks, “I can't solve this.” It's too proud to even get involved. Despair locks up our sense of hope, puts our potential in the closet, and lets the problems of our world grow. Pride and despair both tell us that we are either alone or at the center of the story.

Humility is the space between pride and despair where we realize that we can connect with others and do something good together. Humility connects us with others, exercises our imagination, opens up our potential, and makes space for good things to grow.

Presencia works in that space. Together with our neighbors, donors, board, and a wide community of friends, we’re making something good in hard circumstances. We’re so thankful that you’re finding yourself in the story of this good work.

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