Hope Makes a Home!

Hope Makes a Home!

It’s expensive to be poor. So many of our neighbors spend years moving from apartment to apartment, changing schools (if they manage to stay in school!), overpaying for extended stay hotels or month-to-month accommodations.

Without the wealth to finance a home, families end up paying far more than a mortgage with nothing to show for it but temporary shelter. Children in this situation lose the sense of stability, community, and growth that comes with a sense of home.

Three years ago, I began praying that we could help Presencia families acquire safe, affordable housing and the capital they need for a bright future.

I had a strong hope, but I didn’t know how we would make it happen!

We explored different models, talked with different partners, and kept taking the next step as it became clear. Just this week, we finalized a partnership with Brookhaven Presbyterian Church to provide an affordable housing and wealth acquisition program for Presencia families!

We are beginning this month with two families! 

It will be an affordable rent in a duplex right on our street, a two minute walk from the Presencia apartment! The majority of their rent will be going to a savings account in their name.

At the end of the three year program, each family will have $30,000 to use as capital! They will also receive financial coaching as they think through their new options!

We are also partnering with Brookhaven Presbyterian Church to provide affordable housing to presencia staff who are working their way through college. Two young women will be roommates in the parsonage apartment under Presencia’s studio and office space at the end of March!

Our hopes are coming to life for the Presencia family and our neighborhood.

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