Healthy Community Made This Happen!

Healthy Community Made This Happen!

Our work is small in scale. Our staff is young. We work out of a one-bedroom apartment. We don't attend galas, and we don't keynote at conferences. You won't read about us in the news.

But throughout Atlanta and across the country, our past and present students, staff, and neighbors carry the good work with them in one way or another. Year by year, we affirm and grow good things in the lives of the children of immigrants.

How does a small nonprofit like ours stay embedded in the neighborhood, grow deeper roots, and keep growing through years of ups and downs?

The answer is healthy community.

This year, when our board looked at our plans for the coming year and suggested we set a fundraising goal of $160,000, we didn't panic. We didn't buy advertising or hire a publicist. We shared what we needed and what it was for with our community, and we waited for you to respond.

You did. As of today, we are at $127,750 out of our year-end goal of $160,000. We're so thankful for friends, partners, and donors who recognize the value of loving presence over time and give generously to sustain and grow this work. And we're looking forward to seeing what this community does in the last few days of the year.

You can check out our annual report (with hand-drawn flowers and stories from our students) at this link. To follow our year-end campaign or help us get across the finish line, you can click here.

Thank you for being part of the community that helps our students flourish!


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