Grow Presencia on Giving Tuesday!

This year on Thanksgiving, I reflected on our year in the neighborhood, and I gave thanks for you!

Our Presencia Family has stood with us, prayed for us, asked great questions, supported us, and even grown during a year of crisis and change. You have helped our young staff thrive in their work, and brought transformative relationships to the children of immigrants in Atlanta.

As Giving Tuesday approaches, you can help us grow the Presencia family by inviting others to be part of this good work. If you have a Facebook account, you can just follow the prompts on your homepage to set up a #GivingTuesday fundraiser, and select Presencia as your nonprofit.

Here are three ideas to help you spread the word about Presencia in a way that helps build up our neighbors:

- Keep it Positive: Our neighbors are courageous, resilient, and loving people who have overcome tremendous hardships. You’re inviting others to honor, support, and accompany them, so make sure the introduction is positive.

- Use a Photo: If you have volunteered at our work or if you have a photo of yourself that connects with your compaign, share it! If you need great photos, feel free to browse our Facebook Page and use those as well.

- Stay in Touch: Set a goal, welcome your donors to the Presencia Family, and send out updates throughout the day.

Thank you for being part of the Presencia family and inviting others into this good work!

Ruthie North

Executive Director

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