Celebrate Christmas with Presencia!

Celebrate Christmas with Presencia!

Ian and I moved into the neighborhood almost twelve years ago, and through all kinds of seasons, our neighbors have shown us how important it is to CELEBRATE!

In our time here, some students have gone on to accomplish great things, and some have passed away early. Some have lost parents to deportation, and others have become parents for the first time. Together, we’ve weathered some difficult political seasons and seen some huge, positive changes.

Through it all, we’ve learned that whether life is easy or hard, whether you have a lot or a little, whether it feels like you’re winning or losing, it’s important to celebrate!

Christmas arrives at the end of a strange and complicated year. We’ve all made changes and worked to keep hope alive. Now, it’s time to celebrate!

My prayer for you and for the whole Presencia family is that we find ways to celebrate Christmas that open our eyes to God’s goodness to us, awaken joy in our tired spirits, and connect us with the love that surrounds us! 

Merry Christmas!

Ruthie North
Executive Director

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