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Transformation Through Crisis

This summer we provided loving care though crisis in these ways. 


90 Presencia parents received $100 grocery gift cards throughout the summer months ($9,000)

30 Presencia kids received $50 summer care packages ($1,500)

5 Presencia families received assistance with emergency expenses ($4,000)


30 Presencia kids received a personal phone call or visit to stay connected each week



Because we work together with our neighbors out of real love, every crisis has the potential to bring positive transformation.

The pandemic shattered education overnight. It shut down schools, ignited fights between the federal and local governments, and sent local districts scrambling for solutions. 


In our neighborhood, families already under pressure face trying new circumstances. Until this month, we had no word from our district how school would work. Families haven’t received promised technology, and they’re struggling even to register their children, much less connect and learn each day.

After a summer of caring for our neighbors, our staff is connected, equipped to help the children of Presencia, and ready to adapt to new circumstances with your support!


How will Presencia work this year?


Based on the power of loving presence over time, we tutor, mentor, and develop leaders in our immigrant neighborhood. This foundation stays the same even as we change our mechanics to meet changing needs.


The three brothers pictured below, one with special needs, are some of the future leaders we hope to inspire!


This year our tutoring team consists of six paid Program Mentors, ages 16 to 21, who all grew up in our program before becoming staff. They will each work 10-15 hours a week.


They connect with students through in-person tutoring on Tuesdays, an outdoor activity on Fridays and a home visit once a week to pass a diary back and forth and bring needed items.  


On Tuesdays, we host 5 students at a time for their hour tutoring session with their mentors, 30 total children a day. Students spread out, everyone wears a masks, and we sanitize and clean between each session following CDC guidelines.


On Fridays, we dedicate time to staff development and leadership training for our Program Mentors, preparing for the coming weeks lessons and materials, connecting with our donors through letters and cards, and hosting a 1-2 hour outdoor activity for our Presencia students. We will have guest speakers and performing arts classes once a month.


This range of activities keeps vulnerable children connected to the support they need.


PEOPLE. PLACES. THINGS. In that order. 


That is how we prioritize at Presencia!


Here is how we use resources to make good things happen in our neighborhood.


Our biggest financial commitment is paying our neighborhood staff for the good work they do in providing a loving presence for the kids in Presencia, as well as their training and development.  This accounts for $119,000 of our budget. 


Scarlet, pictured below, graduated high school this year. She started in Presencia as a 4th grade participant. She is now on staff this year as a Program Mentor and will begin college at Georgia State for nursing. Having her as an example to the younger kids is invaluable!


After that we invest in safe, welcoming, neighborhood-based spaces to build community. Brookhaven Presbyterian Church hosts our headquarters and office space though an in-kind gift. We rent an apartment right in our neighborhood for the after school program, that children can walk to. This accounts for $36,400 of our budget. 


Then we love to give our kids good things; healthy snacks, school supplies, and fun things to keep them creative and engaged. We also do drives throughout the year to collect much needed items. This accounts for $20,000 of our budget. 


Between these priorities and other expenses, our annual budget, including in-kind gifts is $190,000.


Will you help us in supporting this good work through a year of crisis and change?


We invite you to be a part of a beautiful child's journey and see them through to bigger and brighter things.


 With a thankful heart,

Ruthie North

Executive Director

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