A New Generation of Leaders

A New Generation of Leaders

Sending our staff out into the world is one of the hardest and most important parts of our work.

Two weeks ago when Scarlet and Natalia gave us their notices, we began the work of remembering their time with us, encouraging them for the next chapter, and preparing for a new season in our work.  

We’re used to seeing them throughout the week, being present for the ups and downs of their lives, and working together to love our neighbors well. We’ll feel their absence.

But ultimately, this is what we’re here for. To see children grow into leaders and support them as they carry the good things they developed at Presencia into new places and communities. And our older students will rise to the leadership positions that Scarlet and Natalia opened up by moving on.

Scarlet and Natalia joined the Presencia family when they were in elementary school. They came for a safe space to learn, play, and connect with mentors as they grew. In middle school, they learned to lead with love through our leadership development program. 

Both Scarlet and Natalia showed leadership potential, and we hired them when each was old enough to begin paid work as program mentors. This position gave them valuable support, direction, and early work experience. It also meant that younger students got mentors who shared their background, language, and community.

Now, empowered with years of experience, both of these treasured members of the Presencia family begin a new chapter.

I asked each of them what they would take with them from their time as Presencia staff. Scarlet told me what she will remember most is the feeling of being valued and needed. When her kids raised their hands and asked for help on their homework, she knew her presence mattered to them.

“I think what I gained most from my time at Presencia was a better understanding of myself,” Natalia told me, “I discovered who I am, what I have to offer, and what I am capable of.”

As we celebrate and send off Natalia and Scarlet, we are working to grow the next generation of leaders who will care for our younger students. We currently have nine high school students, all of whom have gifts and character we would love to develop!

The work of training, equipping, and supporting these young leaders takes time and generous support. Would you help us as we raise up a new generation of leaders at Presencia by making a donation to this work?

Thanks, and have a hopeful Friday,

Ian North

Director of Communications

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