Kuya: Let it Shine

At Refugee Beads, we believe that stories create empathy, dignify lives, and reveal meaning. That's why we were thrilled to work with Kuya, one of our favorite electronic bands, to tell stories from our neighborhood on their new album. You can listen to the whole thing here: 

This week and next, we'll be posting lyrics and a bit of backstory for each track. Below are the lyrics and Ian's commentary for the first track, "Let It Shine."
Let It Shine

There will be light
Electric yellow light
When you scream
Into the night

Let it shine

There will be hands
Children's hands
On your skin
To help you stand

Let it shine

There will be sons
To other ones
They'll be with you
From now on

Let it shine

There will be pain
Plenty of shame
For your skin
And for your name

Let it shine

There will be light
Inner, outer light
But it won't shine
Without a fight

Let it shine

Ian's notes:

The opening song, "Let it Shine," was initially written for our son Jack, but it became something bigger as we listened to it. Jack was born during a three-month window when several teen moms in our neighborhood had sons. I was thinking of these four boys, growing up together in our neighborhood.

Jack will be a minority here, and we're not sure how that will affect his childhood. We also know that the alienation he might suffer is similar to what many of our immigrant neighbors feel throughout their lives in this country. We are counting on grace, community, and faith to travel these years together. We're trusting that God's light will shine as we navigate this time.

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