A Trip To Remember



Over the 6 years we have lived in this neighborhood, I have had the privilege of getting to know some of the sweetest girs in the world! I have been to quinceaneras, graduations, concerts, and shared all kinds of wonderful memories with them. 

Several years ago I started doing a bible study with them.  Now we pray through life's many struggles together, learn God's truth and serve this community as brothers and sisters in Christ. 

Not only do these girls faithfully come to bible study, but they also volunteer consistantly at Creek Kids after school  program, mentoring, tutoring and serving!

I love to give them new experiences and take them on trips they might not have the opportunity to do otherwise. Spring break is coming up soon and they usually just sit at home bored, watching TV. 

BUT this year I have an opportunity to take them to Florida! My sister lives in Fort Myers by the beach and has graciously offered to let us come and stay the week with her. 

We want to invite you to be a part of this awesome experience for these girls. We will need to cover the cost of each girl's expenses, which is $100.

$100  will cover their meals, a trip to the museum, and a dolphin cruise!

I will bring Jack and my friend Rebekah is coming along to help drive and hang out with the girls. All together we would like to raise $800 to cover all of our expenses.
This is a great opportunity to bring a lot of joy to the lives of these wonderful teenage girls!


Meet Karina. This will be her first trip outside of our neighborhood since she went to Mexico as a little girl. Will you help her see the ocean for the first time!!?

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