Nydia Bracelet

Nydia Bracelet

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This bracelet was made & designed by Presencia, and named after Nydia Velazquez. 

Nydia Velazquez – 1st Puerto Rican elected to Congress

Nydia Velazquez serves in the US House of Representatives, a position she’s held for fifteen years. Velazquez was born to a family of poor sugarcane farmers, who became self-taught political activists. She recalls a childhood where politics were always discussed at the dinner table, usually focused on worker’s rights.

After being the first in her family to graduate high school, Velazquez arrived on the mainland, eventually receiving her MA in political science from New York University. After returning to Puerto Rico to teach for a few years, Velazquez came back to the mainland and began her political career.

She worked herself up from the bottom, starting as a representative’s aide. She soon secured a seat on the New York City Council and within eight years, was elected to Congress. Velazquez continues to advocate for human and civil rights for the Puerto Rican people to this day.


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