Ellen Bracelet

Ellen Bracelet

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This bracelet was made and designed by Presencia with pearl, stone and crystal and is named after Ellen Ochoa.

Ellen Ochoa – 1st Hispanic to leave Earth’s atmosphere

In 1993, Ochoa became made history when she served on a 9-day mission into space aboard the shuttle Discovery. This was far from Ochoa’s humble beginnings in La Mesa, California, where she lived with her single mother and three brothers. From an early age, Ochoa thrived in school and eventually earned her doctorate in electrical engineering from Stanford University in 1985. This led to a research position at Sandia National Laboratories and the NASA Ames Research Center. In 1990, NASA chose Ochoa to become an astronaut, serving as a crew representative for flight software and robotics. Three years later, Ochoa became the first Hispanic to reach space, as part on a mission to study the Earth’s ozone layer. In 2011, the city of Cleveland celebrated Ochoa’s accomplishments during Hispanic Heritage Month.

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