Dolores Bracelet

Dolores Bracelet

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This bracelet was made & designed by Presencia with moonstone and recycled paper, and named after Dolores Huerta.

Dolores Huerta – Co-founder of the United Farm Workers Union

Dolores Huerta is considered one of the most important labor activists in US history. In 1960, Huerta founded the Agricultural Workers Association (AWA), where she set up voter drives and lobbied politicians to provide pensions and public assistance for non-citizen migrant workers. Alongside Cesar Chavez and Gilberto Padilla, Huerta co-founded the National Farm Workers Association (NFWA). While Chavez served as the charismatic leader, Huerta played an equally valuable role organizing and negotiating with businesses to provide fair treatment for workers.


In 1965, Huerta oversaw the merging of the AWA and the NFWA to create the United Farm Workers. This group went on to organize the famous strike by California grape pickers that led to 26 companies agreeing to improve working conditions. Throughout the past four decades, Huerta continued her fight to improve the often-overlooked plight of migrant farm workers. Last month, a documentary film about Huerta’s life, titled Dolores, was released in US theatres.

Handmade by Presencia

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