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Fall Walks in the Park

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The world and my neighborhood are ripe with evil and hostility, that is true. But our morning walks remind me of another truth. Each morning the sun rises and shines on every person and the dew falls and refreshes every plant and animal. These daily happenings, along with the sounds of the creek and song of the birds remind me that there is kindness and goodness in the world. It is God's common grace on full display. The concrete spaces are marked with gang graffiti, but somehow, to me, they make all their surrounding that much more beautiful. After Ian has...

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To the Class of 2015

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Every year, graduation sneaks up on us, and we find ourselves sitting on concrete bleachers on a Friday night, laughing, watching, screaming names, and realizing how much certain people mean to us.  This year, we're trying to get ahead of the crowds and chaos to say how much we love and appreciate a handful of young women and men from this year's graduating class. It's a big deal to make it this far. Diana Castro, we've loved spending time with you, being there at your Quince, taking road trips, watching you find a job and chase your dream of playing soccer on...

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